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Imagine if you could always look on point…
and we mean always.

Barberee hooks you up with both: 

1) the chance to get unlimited haircuts, shaves, and beard trims for a fixed fee.

2) the chance to get rewarded via flat discounts by staying loyal to your barber (this requires no potential change in your habits, and you’re literally just going to be paying lesser per trip).

Got a meeting? Barberee.
What about a date? Barberee.
Just want to look good? Barberee.

No matter how you want to look – always look consistent.

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Want answers? We got em.

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Well, in short, we make sure that you always look good.

You most likely know the struggle of maintaining a haircut (goodbye fades in 3 days), a clean shave, or even a clean beard/stubble.

Barberee helps you with that struggle by setting up deals with barbers/barbershops where the price per visit is calculated based on your frequency and history of visit (aka loyalty).

Basically, you are getting more for less, and you don’t even have to potentially change anything.

That’s great to hear! Email us with more information about your shop @ and we’ll be sure to get in touch.